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Jan 10, 2022 | ดู 353 ครั้ง

The Dream Of Christmas - GARY BARLOW
There's the faintest light ahead
From the cold into your bed
Begins as the faintest sound
Then from Heaven to the ground

In slow motion comes the wave
Children's eyes light up again
From the silence to a storm
Hear the dream of Christmas roar

Comes around but once a year
Brings your most beloved near
In just one day, the heart will heal
As the dream of Christmas becomes real

A thousand lights, a billion stars
Led me here to where you are
In this great universe, I have found
My love, my home

Where I shelter, where it's safe
'Til December's back again
All that magic now you feel
As the dream of Christmas becomes real

The darkest sky Illuminates
Not too long now for us to wait
Through smoky clouds and drying tears
The Christmas sun appears

Golden hope here from the east
Bringing all good men and peace
So mysterious and surreal
Watch the dream of Christmas become real
Let the dream of Christmas become real

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