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Jan 10, 2022 | ดู 102 ครั้ง

Before 4:30 (She Said...)(Feat. SAM KIM) - MEW SUPPASIT
I look at the time through anxious eyes
Leave it alone they say a watched clock never boils
But I still watch away anyway
I hold my breath a little longer
How can I say or do a thing
When I got so many things
Racing through my head

Before 4:30
Before 4:30
Can't do a thing
With her all my brain

Before 4:30
Before 4:30
How should i try
To make her mine

Do I tell her she looks lovely
like a classic movie cliche
Do I, Do I..
Take you somewhere rich and fancy
Or a casual cafe darling I do
Darling I
Can't wait to see you today

I see you lookin at the time
all anxiously
look again and check that yes still
half past 3
60 minutes till you meet the one you talkin all about for weeks

so what you doin
clean your hair
brush your teeth
and don't be nervous when you
two finally meet
be a gentleman

you'll be okay
and my god stop lookin at the clock I'll tell you when you gotta leave

you lookin good
you lookin fresh
shoulder straight head up look ahead
spray this
chew that
take this
and don't forget
Just be yourself when the clock
says 4 and 30

go and tell her she looks lovely!!
like a classic movie cliche

do I take her somewhere rich and fancy?
or a casual cafe darling I do, darling I
can't wait to see you today

So I told her she looks lovely
like a classic movie cliche

and I took her to the park
and talked while counting all of the stars

and when we said goodnight
she left me with 5 little words
"Can't wait for next time"

She said.

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